The Demon Driver's Ready Room
VF-151 Vigilantes Roster
VF-213 Black Lions Roster
VF-54/92 Silver Kings Roster
VF-161 Chargers Roster
VF-31 Tomcatters Roster
VF-14 Top Hatters Roster
VF-61 Jolly Rogers Roster
VF-41 Black Aces Roster
VF-121 Pacemaker Roster
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VF-21 in Ready Room #2  aboard Midway in 1962
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VF-101 Grim Reapers Roster
VF-13 Aggressors Roster
VF-21/64 Freelancers Roster
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VF-141 Iron Angels Roster
VF-131 Night Cappers Roster
VF-112 Roster
VF-53 Pukin' Dogs Roster
VF-114 Executioners Roster
VF-122 Black Angels Roster
VF-82 Iron Man Roster
VF-14 Ready Room
VC-3 Interceptors Roster
VX-4 Evaluators Roster
VF-24 Corsairs Roster
VF-124 Moonshiners Roster
VF-213 in Ready Room #2  aboard Lexington
VF-161 Ready Room on Oriskany
VF-193 Ghostriders Roster
Each Demon squadron is represented by its patch.  Click on a patch to see a list of all known squadron pilots and a brief history of the squadron.  If you are a former Demon driver and don't see your patch here please email the Webmaster.