F3H-2M BuNo 137078
Has Been Restored
By The

Naval Aviaton Museum
Pensacola, Florida
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Museum South Wing
Museum West Wing
The Demon being restored is missing the canopy and all interior parts.  If anyone knows where a canopy or other parts might be found, please e-mail me or Doug Kirby, restoration coordinator at 850-452-3604 ext. 149
The Museum is planning a special ceremony when the restoration is complete and the Demon is ready for display.

Stay tuned for more info!

Bingo Home Base
April 2001
May 2001
The restored instrument panel
Manny and Clint admire the engine that was so good at fuel disposal
October 2001
The old girl stands on her own three legs at last!
The fuel suckin' heart of the beast
The anal orifice of the beast
Thanks and a hearty attaboy to Clint Smith for these photos!!
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Meet the restoration team