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2003 Demon Reunion Finance Report

Reunion funds have been closed out as follows:

Total Reservation Receipts/Donations   $14,170.62
Raffle Receipts                                        $860.00
Total receipts                                      $15,030.62

Total Expenses                                   $11,051.62

Amount left over                                    $3,979.00

Bank account ballance                          $4,000.00
Overage (the books were off by)                  $21.00

Total Available for Museum                    $4,000.00 (The books are closed.)

As motioned and approved at the banquit, $4,000.00 has been committed to the National Flight Academy as a donation for seats in the auditorium in the name of Demon Drivers & Doctors Reunion 2003.  A ceremony will be held at the museum at 1330 on 15 Jan.

Prepared and submitted by Clint Smith, Reunion Chairman.

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